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Fix Circuit 1481

Group Formed to Lobby on Behalf of Fixes to Circuit 1481

Fix Circuit 1481 is a resident/business group started by Dan Curis, Kevin Ketels and Shannon Mach whose purpose is to organize and advocate on behalf of improvements to Circuit 1481 in Grosse Pointe Woods, Michigan. This is a focused effort to reduce or eliminate the chronic power outages plaguing our area by lobbying our governor, state legislators and regulatory authorities.

Click on the link below for letter templates, contact list, chronology of events, volunteer registration and other resources.

Fix Circuit 1481 Volunteer Information


2014 Council Summary

Medstar Approved for EMS

In March, City Council approved the use of Medstar for Emergency Medical Services. While the decision was extremely difficult, the move will save GPW approximately $450k in year one, and $300k+ each year afterward while maintaining a high quality of service. With a deficit of approximately $800k, increasing maintenance/equipment costs, and a shrinking fund balance, the decision was important to maintain the fiscal integrity of Grosse Pointe Woods.

Proposed Privatization of Emergency Medical Services

Please see the following response to the mailing sent to GPW residents regarding the proposed privatization of emergency medical services. Click here to download.

Letter of support for Medstar from the City of Grosse Pointe Farms.

Please see copy of Medstar's 2013 Q4 Customer Satisfaction survey, as conducted by independent survey company EMS Survey Team. Please see summary on PDF page 17. The report contains data from 477 Medstar patients who returned questionnaires in Q4. The current overall mean quarterly score of 92.91 is 1.07 points higher than the all EMS Facility DB external benchmark. Percentage Positive for Helpfulness and Concern shown by staff was 98.5% and 99% (PDF page 8). Medstar had the 3rd highest overall score in Michigan and the 12th highest score for large companies across the country (PDF page 17). Trend scores over the last four reporting periods consistently beat EMS benchmark (PDF page 5).

Pavement Inventory

In February, GPW completed an inventory of our road system. In summary, 7.5 miles of street were found to be in need of immediate repair. Approximate cost to fix those streets is $10,950,000. Click here for a full copy of the report.

New Parking Meters

In January, the City Council approved the purchase of 860 new parking meters and an increase in rates to $0.50 per hour. Our parking meters were becoming obsolete with only one company available to make repairs to our older model. It was also difficult to update rates in the meters. The new meters will have coin and a smart card option that is administered from city hall. New meter rates are now comparable to neighboring communities.

2013 Council Summary

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Kevin Ketels

Grosse Pointe Woods
City Council Member
Kevin Ketels

NEW: 92.7% March Mack Avenue Occupancy Rate


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